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The Living Witchcraft Program

 Make Sure The Sound Is On And Watch Below Now!

A quick note from Sanhre:

Step into the world of mystery and Magick with the Living Witchcraft Program! Watch the video above to uncover the transformational stories of past participants. Apply now to join a supportive community, unlock ancient wisdom, and empower yourself. Your journey to enlightenment awaits - see you on the inside!

-Sanhre Daffowt



  • When Does The Next Class Start?
  • Why Do I Need To Apply To Be In The School?​
  • Is This "Black Magick"?
  • The next class start date is June 6, 2024 at 8pm MST! Classes are held Mon-Thurs from 8-9:30!
  • ​In order to keep my community a safe, supportive, and fun learning environment for all participants an application is required.
  • NO! This is a foundational course in Magick and Witchcraft designed to enlighten and improve your life in every way!

Fill In Your Details Below!

Yes! I want the keys to success in my practice, and I'm interested in one of the last spots inside of the Living Witchcraft program!

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Email Address

What is your current level of experience with Magick and Witchcraft?

This course is held live over Zoom Mon-Thurs from 8pm - 9:30pm MST (Edmonton). You have the option to attend live classes and participate in the live course OR, watch the recorded lessons and participate in discussions inside of our exclusive community!

The Order of Chaos is committed to providing a safe, friendly, and inclusive learning environment for all of our students. By submitting this application you agree to abide by our community guide lines. Harassment, bullying, or intentionally rude or disrespectful behavior towards fellow students or staff will result in immediate expulsion from course and and loss of any rank/status achieved within The Order of Chaos. Do you understand?

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